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GDSD Affiliate Program


Dear Affiliate Marketers and Gold and Silver Entrepreneurs,


Become a GoldDinarSilverDirham.com Affiliate and Earn Excellent Commissions!

Make up to 3% for every sale paid out to you when you promote GoldDinarSilverDirham.com products. What's better is that you'll earn lifetime recurring commissions from every customer you refer. This means that when your customer repurchases products from GoldDinarSilverDirham.com, you will still be accounted for the sale! For every sale paid out that’s placed using your unique affiliate link, we will pay you a high commission of up to 3% on a single order! Your average payouts are approximately MYR1,500 for a lifetime customer.

GoldDinarSilverDirham.com has the highest payout in the industry. No other gold and silver companies offer lifetime recurring payouts to their affiliates! We also have the best conversion rate in the industry, because each of our products are market leaders and we single always ensure that our product selection are the best of the best in mint quality.

To make it even easier, we provide you with everything you need including marketing tools, video training, web content, tracking and reporting technologies and even personal support to help ensure your success as a GoldDinarSilverDirham.com affiliate. This means that even if you’re completely new to affiliate marketing, we will provide all the tools and advice you need to get started.

As a further incentive to get started, this program rewards you with great affiliate prizes just for joining and getting started.


GoldDinarSilverDirham Affiliate Program Details

Affiliate Commission Rate: 4.76% for SRDC Silver Dirham Coins

3% for International Silver Bars and Coins

0.50% for Pamp Gold of 1-10g Denomination

0.15% for Pamp Gold of 1oz, 100g and 1kg Denomination

Cookie Duration: Lifetime (Any purchase made by a visitor that is directed through your affiliate link to GoldDinarSilverDirham.com will be credited to your affiliate account)
Minimum Payout: MYR100.00 (Balances under MYR100 will be forwarded to the next payout date).
Payment Dates: 28th of every month
Affiliate Tools: Once your account is approved you will be able to log into your affiliate control panel and get our special linking code as well as banners, graphs and custom product links. Our custom create a link and dynamic banner campaign codes will assist in helping you track how your individual campaigns perform.
Terms & Conditions: Please Read Our Full Affiliate Terms and Conditions Here


Why Promote Gold and Silver?

Gold and Silver has been considered as a sign of prosperity and success in many cultures. Throughout the world, it was generally used as a standard of monetary exchange which became abandoned in 1971 when the government issued fiat currency (paper money). However, Gold and Silver continues to remain as an important asset and in modern times, they are used as a safe haven in times of economic instability.

Today more people are aware of the economic uncertainty and many are turning back to physical Gold and Silver as their storage of wealth. This is a huge opportunity as we’ve entered the start trend of a tipping point. This means higher earnings for affiliates – beyond what any other web commerce sector can offer.


How Affiliate Marketing Works

It works the same as any other commercial referral scheme. For example, if you were to refer your friend to your local bank, then your bank would give you a gift for doing so.

With affiliate marketing instead of referring your friend, you refer online surfers to our website through your unique affiliate tracking code. In return you are rewarded with large commissions.

When someone clicks on your link and buys, you'll receive a 3% commission of their sales order. Subsequently when they purchase some more, you'll also be paid! Our affiliate system pays a lifetime of recurring comissions. This means a massive passive income pay cheque for you in the long run!


How are Visitors Tracked?

We use lifetime tracking cookies, meaning when a visitor clicks through your affiliate link and makes a purchase, you will be paid a commission! As long as the visitor's cookie and IP log is the same, it will be tracked as your customer for a lifetime.

Compare this to the standard 15 or 30 day cookies used by our competitors and you'll understand why our affiliate program is the best.


How Do I Get Paid?

Once you sign up you will have logins to our affiliate control panel where you will find banners and other promotional material and your own unique affiliate tracking link. By sending potential customers to GoldDinarSilverDirham.com through your unique affiliate link you will receive 3% in commission for every customer who purchases an order with us. You can track your clicks and sales from your control panel too and you will be paid for a lifetime from each customer!

We pay our affiliates in Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) via Cheque or GoldDinarSilverDirham.com credits every 28th of the month and we have never missed a payment.


Sign Up Today and Make More Money With GoldDinarSilverDirham.com

  • Earn great commissions of up to 3% on a single sale!
  • A dedicated affiliate manager assigned to you
  • Well designed and supported products
  • Real time reporting on CTRs, conversion rates, etc
  • Profitable marketing content to help increase click thrus

If you are serious about improving your income by marketing Gold and Silver precious metals,then we are confident we can help you. We are helping thousands of affiliates increase their income in the process to buy more precious metals. Become an affiliate today and you will instantly get access to your unique links, promotional materials and personal support.

P.S. Already thousands of successful affiliates are making tens of thousands of dollars each month in affiliate commissions. You're just 60 seconds away from being part of the industry's #1 Gold and Silver affiliate program. Get started now!







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