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About Us

Welcome to GoldDinarSilverDirham.com, the premier precious metals online shopping portal created by GDSD International.

Based in South East Asia, GDSD International specializes in providing customers with top-class gold and silver bullion dealer services, while delivering essential information on physical gold and silver markets.

GDSD International’s mission is to help propagate the awareness of the fragility of our present economic systems and transform this into opportunities for all.

In addition to that, our company was established with the vision of offering customers an opportunity to buy physical gold and silver from the convenience and security of their own homes.

Whether you are a coin collector, physical gold and silver buyer or investor looking to diversify your asset portfolio, our team is here to assist you in any way possible.

Our website GoldDinarSilverDirham.com is specially designed with the latest secure technology for the best customer buying experience. We carry a wide array of modern gold and silver coins and bars that are internationally renowned and globally recognized for its intrinsic value and quality.

Last but not least, we provide an iron-clad guarantee that all of our physical gold and silver coins and bars on sale on our site are 100% genuine.

Thank you.

The GDSD International Team






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